Pro- and Anti-Lincoln Editors of the New York Press
Lincoln’s image was filtered through the powerful lens of the New York press.  Newspapers rarely tried to report the news objectively. The editors’ political agendas, and their interest in lucrative legal and partisan advertising, colored almost every column. Published black opinion supported Lincoln, but criticized his slow grappling with the issues of ending slavery and dealing with slaves who fled to safety behind Union lines.
Fiercely Pro William Cullen Bryant New-York Evening Post
Fiercely Pro Robert Hamilton Weekly Anglo-African
Pro Horace Greeley New-York Tribune
Pro Henry Raymond New-York Times
Pro Thurlow Weed Albany Evening Journal
Anti James Gordon Bennett New-York Herald
Anti Gerald Hallock Journal of Commerce
Anti Erastus Brooks New-York Express
Anti Manton Marble The World
Fiercely Anti James McMaster Freeman’s Journal and Catholic Register
Fiercely Anti Benjamin Wood New-York Daily News
Fiercely Anti John H. Van Evrie The Day-Book